How the Budget Committee Works in a Homeowners Association

November 10, 2014 / by HOA Manager

For homeowners associations with a January through December budget year, the time clock is ticking to develop a budget for the upcoming year and have the budget approved in time for the association’s year-end mailing. A budget committee can be comprised of HOA board members, members of your community association or a combination of both. How does the budget committee work and who serves on it? 

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The Clock is Ticking! California Homeowners Association Budget Help

November 4, 2014 / by HOA Manager

If you're part of a homeowners association in California, the time to send out your budget and disclosure package is 30 to 90 days before your new fiscal year begins. For those who have a January to December fiscal year, now is the time! Please see the following suggestions to get you over the hump.

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