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Make a Good Impression: Signage in Your Homeowners Association

September 15, 2020 / by HOA Manager

welcome to California signYou’ve heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But sometimes, it’s important to not underestimate the power of first impressions. Take the signage in your homeowners association for instance.

As fall was approaching and before winter and the rainy weather set in, one of the Associations I manage reviewed its grounds to determine what needed attention. On the walk in the community it was noticed the entrance sign, along with other signage looked worn and needed to be refreshed. Signage can be one of the main visuals viewed by homeowners, visitors, buyers and potential renters. Your signage is often the first impression people get of your Association.

In my Association the main entrance sign faced the south and was faded by the sun. Sometimes you can have signage refinished, but in this case a new sign was needed. This was a chance for the homeowners association to update the color, verbiage, size and position of the sign at the entrance. 

The update of the entrance sign meant that the pool signs and other signage needed to coordinate in color, along with verbiage updates.  Whenever changing signage, check with your county or local police department to make sure you’re in compliance.

Many times a sign needs to be added for No Solicitation, No Trespassing, No Skateboarding and other various “No” actions that pertain to your homeowners association. 

For example, recently new fencing was installed around the pool in an Association and a new keypad was added that allowed a four digit pass code for each resident. This required the signage to be updated so owners did not share their pass codes.

Make sure that any verbiage you use on signage does not contradict your governing documents and do not be overly wordy. You can see that giving signage a close and thoughtful inspection can improve compliance and enforcement if communicated properly. Communicating with your homeowners is key when promoting compliance and it starts with proper signage.

Remember, the signage for your homeowners association is often the first impression potentials buyers and guests have of your community. Hopefully, you want it to be welcoming and in good condition, because this is one of the ways you’re setting the tone for your Association.

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