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Best Practices for Effective Communication within the HOA

July 9, 2024 / by HOA Manager

Communication within a homeowners association is pivotal for fostering a cohesive community, ensuring smooth operations, and maintaining resident satisfaction. Effective communication not only enhances transparency but also promotes trust among board members, residents, and management companies. In this article, we’ll discuss essential strategies and tools that can enhance and streamline communication within your HOA.

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Hignell HOA Becomes Major Sponsor of RCONA: Building Stronger Neighborhoods in Roseville

June 20, 2024 / by HOA Manager

In a significant stride towards community enhancement, The Hignell Companies has become the new major sponsor of the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA). This partnership is all about having a positive impact on Roseville’s neighborhoods and residents, making the communities better and stronger.

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Maintaining Community Standards: Dos and Don'ts for HOA Board Members

June 14, 2024 / by HOA Manager

As an HOA board member, you play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and appeal of your community. Upholding community standards is not just about enforcing rules; it’s about fostering a sense of pride, safety, and cohesion among residents. Balancing fairness and flexibility while addressing violations requires a thoughtful approach and effective communication. Let’s explore the essential dos and don’ts to help you navigate the complexities of maintaining community standards effectively.

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Navigating the Transition Process with New HOA Board Members

May 28, 2024 / by HOA Manager

Congratulations on your new role as an HOA board member! Your dedication to serving your community is commendable, and your commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of your homeowner's association is vital. As you embark on this journey, it's essential to understand the transition process and how to effectively integrate new board members into their roles. In this guide, we'll discuss the crucial steps of transitioning new HOA board members, from orientation and training to ongoing support, to ensure a seamless transition and the continued success of your association.

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Understanding Roles: The Board vs. Management Company in HOAs

May 20, 2024 / by HOA Manager

Homeowners' Associations play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and functionality of residential communities. Ideally, at the heart of every HOA's operations are two essential entities: the Board of Directors and the Management Company. While both entities work towards the common goal of enhancing community living, their roles and responsibilities are distinct. In this article, we discuss the core functions of each, explaining the symbiotic relationship between the Board and the Management Company in fostering vibrant and harmonious neighborhoods.

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HOA Board Governance: Roles, Responsibilities, and Ethics

April 23, 2024 / by HOA Manager

Homeowners' Associations play a pivotal role in shaping the communities they oversee. At the heart of every HOA is its board of directors, a group of individuals entrusted with the responsibility of making decisions that affect the entire community. However, being an HOA board member is not merely a title; it comes with a set of duties, responsibilities, and ethical considerations that require careful attention and dedication. In this article, we dive into the intricate world of HOA governance, exploring the roles and obligations of board members, the decision-making processes they employ, and the ethical principles that guide their actions.

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Managing Delinquent Board Members: Strategies for HOA Leadership

April 3, 2024 / by HOA Manager

In the complex world of managing a homeowners association, one of the most challenging issues that board members may face is dealing with delinquent board members. These individuals can disrupt the functioning of the HOA, cause financial strain, and create tension within the community. Addressing this issue requires a delicate balance of assertiveness, diplomacy, and adherence to the HOA's governing documents. In this article, we'll explore effective strategies for HOA leadership to handle delinquent board members.

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Can't Afford a Full-Time HOA Manager? Consulting Services Can Help

March 21, 2024 / by HOA Manager

Is your homeowners’ association facing challenges that seem insurmountable? If you’re managing a small HOA with limited financial resources, there's a solution. Every board of directors encounters similar obstacles and responsibilities, and seeking expert guidance can be the key to navigating them effectively. While larger HOAs might be able to afford a full-time HOA Manager, smaller ones can still benefit from consulting services to steer them in the right direction.

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Enhancing Community Management: ECHO and Hignell HOA Join Forces

February 26, 2024 / by HOA Manager

In a significant stride towards fostering community development and empowering HOA boards, Hignell HOA Management proudly announces its partnership with ECHO (Educational Community for Homeowners). This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in enhancing HOA management practices, aimed at providing invaluable resources and support to HOA boards and members across Northern California.

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Can HOA Fees Be Claimed on Your Taxes?

February 19, 2024 / by HOA Manager

Homeowners Associations play a significant role in many communities, providing services and amenities that contribute to the overall well-being and maintenance of the neighborhood. However, when tax season rolls around, homeowners often wonder if they can claim their HOA fees as deductions on their taxes. While it's crucial you consult a tax professional, in this article, we'll explore HOA fees and generally whether or not they can be claimed on your taxes.

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