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Hignell HOA Becomes Major Sponsor of RCONA: Building Stronger Neighborhoods in Roseville

June 20, 2024 / by HOA Manager

In a significant stride towards community enhancement, The Hignell Companies has become the new major sponsor of the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA). This partnership is all about having a positive impact on Roseville’s neighborhoods and residents, making the communities better and stronger.


A Commitment to Community

Founded in 1948, The Hignell Companies boasts a rich legacy of building, managing, and maintaining properties throughout Northern California with the mission of "Creating Caring Communities that Transform Lives." With a newly established office in Roseville, Hignell brings decades of expertise in HOA management, consulting, and accounting services to local neighborhoods. This expansion not only underscores their commitment to serving Roseville but also aligns seamlessly with RCONA’s mission to foster collaboration among neighborhood associations.

Empowering Neighborhoods Through Sponsorship

RCONA, the driving force behind neighborhood unity in Roseville, welcomes Hignell’s sponsorship with open arms. This partnership extends beyond financial support; it symbolizes a shared vision of community empowerment. By pooling resources, RCONA and Hignell aim to bolster neighborhood associations across the city. This support will enable associations to undertake vital community initiatives, enhance neighborhood communication, and foster a sense of belonging among residents.

Impact Across the City

The sponsorship’s reach extends far beyond financial contributions. Hignell’s partnership with RCONA will directly benefit the youth volunteer scholarship fund, highlighting a commitment to nurturing future community leaders. It also fortifies RCONA’s ability to organize and host special events that celebrate Roseville’s diverse neighborhoods, fostering a deeper sense of community pride and cohesion.

Looking Ahead: Collaboration for Community Growth

As Hignell and RCONA embark on this collaborative journey, the future looks promising for Roseville’s neighborhoods. Together, they will continue to champion initiatives that promote safety, sustainability, and social engagement. Through ongoing dialogue and proactive engagement with residents, this partnership aims to strengthen the fabric of each neighborhood, creating environments where families flourish, and communities thrive.

A Partnership Rooted in Expertise

For HOA board members navigating the complexities of community management, Hignell’s specialized services offer invaluable support. Whether it’s strategic consulting to optimize operations, meticulous accounting to ensure financial transparency, or proactive management to uphold community standards, Hignell’s expertise empowers HOAs to thrive. Their local presence in Roseville ensures responsive and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each neighborhood.

How You Can Get Involved

As a member of an HOA board within Roseville, your involvement is crucial to maximizing the benefits of this sponsorship. Stay informed about RCONA’s upcoming events and initiatives supported by Hignell. Engage with your neighborhood association to explore opportunities for community improvement projects, volunteerism, and youth involvement. By actively participating, you contribute to the collective effort of enhancing Roseville’s quality of life and building a resilient community for future generations.

Learn More

Hignell’s sponsorship of RCONA marks a significant milestone in community collaboration and neighborhood empowerment in Roseville. Together, they exemplify the power of partnership in driving positive change and fostering a stronger sense of community among residents. As we look ahead, let us embrace this opportunity to build upon our shared values and aspirations for a vibrant and united Roseville.

To discover more about The Hignell Companies and their comprehensive range of HOA services, visit www.hignellhoa.com. Explore RCONA’s initiatives and how you can support their mission at www.rcona.org.


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