The #1 Problem Homeowners Associations Have With Management Companies

Sep 7, 2018 12:00:00 AM / by HOA Manager

lack of communicationAre you tired of the lack of customer service from the management company your association has had for a number of years? It's possible that the company was inherited from past HOA board members. Maybe they hired the management company because they liked a specific manager, but that manager no longer works for the company and your HOA is no longer receiving the care and attention it once was. It may be time to hire a new management company to breathe new life into your association community.

The Problem

The number one problem California homeowners associations have with management companies is lack of communication. We all struggle with communication from time to time and it can be for any number of reasons. Some managers get so involved in the day-to-day work that they overlook the need to communicate. Others just don't do the needed work or get too busy and don't call you back. Or maybe the homeowner association management company has grown too much and you are a small fish in their big pond.

Where to Start

Whatever your HOA's reason for looking for a new management company, start the process by meeting with current and past board members and making a list of likes and dislikes. Knowing what worked in the past and what didn't will be very helpful.

When interviewing HOA management companies, find out about the software and systems that are used, the experience of the individual managers, and what kind of support and services the company offers. For example, how will the management company assist your HOA with the following:

  • Financial reports
  • New and updated laws
  • Running board meetings
  • HOA rule violations and fines
  • Building and maintaining a reserve fund
  • Human resources

Request to Meet the Manager

Not only should you interview the company's executive management team but also talk with the prospective manager that is being proposed for your HOA. There needs to be a personality fit between your board and the proposed manager. If there isn't, but you like the management company overall, then you could request a different manager. Some qualities to look for in an HOA manager are:

  • Communicates well and in a timely manner
  • Is certified and receives ongoing training and mentorship
  • Has an understanding of how an HOA is run
  • Understands the financials
  • Is proactive about building relationship with the Board

Picking a manager is like picking new shoes, make sure you get the one that fits or you'll be uncomfortable!

Here at The Hignell Companies, we value relationship with our clients and work on being the best fit possible.

Guide to Choosing an HOA Management Company

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