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3 Ways to Educate Renters in Your Homeowners Association

April 22, 2020 / by HOA Manager

for rent sign in front of white houseIf you have renters in your community, they are an important part of your homeowners association, and welcoming them could create a more positive environment.

Sending a welcome letter, email or even a phone call from an HOA board member are all great ways that make a lasting impression and open the lines of communication.

1.  Create an updated list of contact information

Sometimes renters can’t be reached, especially if they're leasing from an out-of-state owner or a corporation. One way to curb this problem is to compile a list of renter's contact information including: name, address, and phone number. This could also come in handy, if there's ever an emergency in a rented unit.

It's also good to communicate with renters about your Association information, in case the owner of a unit doesn't pass along this information to their tenant. Here are a couple items to educate renters on in your homeowners association. These will help to make living in your community enjoyable and stress free for renters and owners!

2.  Provide an extra copy of Association rules and regulations

All residents must comply with the Association rules and regulations. This means homeowners and renters. The rules and regulations are in place to protect property values, preserve the nature of your community, and make life more enjoyable for everyone.

If a renter needs a copy of your Association rules, please have them contact the manager or an HOA board member. The Association has the legal authority to enforce all rules, equitably and consistently. Sometimes it's difficult to take action against those who may not have received this important information, but it's still the Board's obligation to do so.

3.  Don't treat renters as outsiders

Renters are entitled to all the privileges of Association membership except voting and attending Board meetings.

Use of the facilities and common areas are available to everyone. If you have contact information for everyone in the community, it gives residents the advantage of knowing what’s going on in the community through Association communication.

It's important to include renters in your Association's welcome strategy. The HOA board should strive for all residents to enjoy their experience in your community—perhaps renters will even want to become an owner some day!

Help Your HOA Members Be Informed and Involved

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