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5 Advantages of Using Professional HOA Landscape Maintenance Services

May 22, 2019 / by HOA Manager

landscape maintenance workerMaintaining the common area in a homeowner's association is one of the HOA board's most important responsibilities. Landscape maintenance requires consistent upkeep. It's usually in the board's best interest to contract with a professional company to provide landscape maintenance services in order to save on cost and have consistency within the look of the community.

While some homeowners might complain that the cost of professional landscaping is unnecessary, there are several reasons why it's worth every penny. Here are some of the advantages of using a professional to provide HOA landscape maintenance services.

1.  Professional Expertise

It takes more than a green thumb to maintain attractive and functional landscaping. Professional staff and trained labor crews are a must. The expertise translates into cost-effective and successful HOA landscape maintenance services for your community. 

2.  Bulk Purchase Savings

Landscape contractors are able to purchase plants and supplies in bulk quantities at reduced prices which can then pass savings along to your HOA.

3.  No Equipment to Buy or Maintain

The association doesn't have to purchase, store, insure, maintain, or buy fuel or equipment.

4.  Improved Plant Survival

Trees, turf, shrubs, and other plantings are costly. Without proper care, they don't survive, especially immediately after installation. The HOA landscape maintenance services contractor guarantees newly planted shrubs and trees so the association doesn't have to pay for replacing dead plants.

5.  Reduced Liability

The HOA landscape contractor is properly insured and knowledgeable about all local and federal environmental requirements and safety regulations. Having a contract shifts the responsibility to the contractor and reduces the association's liability.

Next Steps

If your association doesn't have professional landscaping now, before signing any contract, the board should request at least 3 bids from potential companies.

Careful consideration of each company's competence and expertise is a necessity, as well as checking their references and comparing their fees.

Landscaping is important to the community's image, value and quality of life. Maintaining it can be expensive, but investing in an HOA landscape maintenance services contract offers curb appeal to your homeowner association which makes the neighborhood more desirable overall.

This also contributes to the value of every single home, so that if and when you're ready to sell your home, your community's landscaping is at its best!

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