7 Resources Every HOA Board Member Should Bookmark

Aug 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by HOA Manager

open_book_with_bookmarkGoverning a homeowners association is no easy task. There are budgets to make, reserve studies to do, laws to understand, meetings to prepare for, and day-to-day tasks to tackle. Below are some helpful resources every HOA board member should know are available to reference.

1.  CAI

Community Associations Institute is an international membership organization with more than 33,500 members. It provides homeowner volunteers, board members, managers, and other professionals with information, education, resources, seminars, workshops, and online content.

2.  ECHO 

The Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO) – is a nonprofit membership corporation that assists homeowners associations in California. HOA board members can find information about finances, legal issues, insurance, maintenance, and management.

3.  HOA Talk

HOATalk.com is an online discussion forum for HOA leaders and volunteers to discuss issues and share ideas. There’s over 35,000 members, thousands of discussion topics and news articles.

4.  Davis-Stirling Act

Davis-Stirling.com is a site that provides everything you need to know about the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, which is a portion of the California Civil Code that governs condominium, cooperative, and planned unit development communities in California.

5.  HOAleader.com

HOAleader.com will help  board members stay up-to-date with laws, out of legal trouble, prevent and resolve conflicts in the community, and even save you money, time, and headaches.  

6.  CACM

California Association of Community Managers is the leading resource for California-specific education, events, activities, products, services, and networking opportunities to help community managers.

7.  Hignell HOA Management

Hignell HOA Management has been helping HOA and Condominium boards manage their properties effectively for over 30 years. It provides helpful resources for HOA board members and volunteers, such as eBooks, weekly blog articles, and a free evaluation.

The above resources are easily accessible, but they still require time and knowledge. This is where hiring a manager to help can be exactly what your board needs. Even if there are some push backs from your fellow board members, a management company can also offer individual services or even do an audit.

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