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A Crucial Question Before Moving into an HOA: How Much Are HOA Fees?

October 22, 2021 / by HOA Manager

fees_dice_stacked_on_coinsDid you know you can request a copy of the CC&Rs that detail just about everything you need to know about the HOA, prior to becoming a member? You can and you should! One of the important factors is how much you will be paying in monthly HOA fees.

If you’re considering moving into a homeowner’s association – and even if you already live in an HOA – it’s important to remember what you’re contributing to when you pay your monthly HOA fees and why you’re paying them.

Hopefully your realtor will have this information or have provided it to you before you purchased your home because the amount you pay and what you’re paying for will tell you a lot about the Association. In fact, according to the realtor in the article excerpt below, HOA fees are one of the most important considerations.

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Sound Off: What to remember when considering a TIC or HOA property

A: A HOA is in place to provide a common basis for preserving, maintaining and enhancing each homeowners home and property, while a Tenancy in Common or a TIC is essentially held together with an agreement to provide the same fundamentals.

Each of them come with a monthly fee that includes some utilities and a set amount to build reserves. Many feel this fee should be low, but when you find an HOA or TIC with a higher monthly fee, this can generally mean there are more funds available in the reserve account should something unforeseen happen to the building or neighborhood.

On top of your mortgage payment, this fee could be just enough to put property out of reach. But remember often these fees include additional coverages such as homeowner’s insurance, water, garbage, electricity and landscaping. Other benefits include the beautification of your home or neighborhood.

Sure, there can be hardships, but overall the goal is to maintain the property and make sure any preventative maintenance is taken care of. When it’s your own home you may overlook fixing that mailbox or painting the trim, but with an association or board these fixes won’t go overlooked which is not only good you’re the homeowners but also good for the neighborhood.

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As an HOA board, it’s important to make sure members of the homeowner’s association are aware of what their HOA fees cover and that they're actually being used appropriately. The roles of an HOA board are to protect, maintain and enhance the Association – HOA fees especially contribute to the latter two, which ultimately will create a positive effect on the Association as a whole.

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