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How HOAs Can Protect Package Deliveries this Holiday Season

November 21, 2022 / by HOA Manager

package deliveries left on porch‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and people love the convenience of ordering online. Avoiding the crowds and shopping from the comfort of your couch is an easy and appealing way to save time and get your gifts ordered all in one place. Whether you’re having your items shipped to your house or sent directly to the recipient, this day and age homeowners need to be on the lookout for individuals who steal packages from properties - also known as "porch pirates."

According to a 2019 C&R Research report an estimated 36% of people had been the victim of porch pirates.

If residents in your association have reported package theft , here are some tips from Community Associations Institute (CAI) to deter thieves and ensure packages are kept safe:

  • Schedule deliveries when purchasing expensive items such as electronics, to arrange for them to be made when you are home. About 45% of homeowners surveyed by Aurora, Ill.-based packaging business Shorr said that they scheduled deliveries to prevent package theft.
  • Notify a relative or a neighbor when you are expecting a package. If you can’t be home when a package is delivered, have a family member or a trusted neighbor be on the lookout. You also may want to give them permission to grab your package and hold it until you arrive.
  • Recording devices can provide evidence of package theft to bring to your association’s board and notify police. Shorr’s report notes that 31% of respondents installed video cameras after having packages stolen. Check your association’s rules and regulations on these devices before installing them.
  • Opt for package pickup. Many delivery companies have lockers and pickup points in numerous retail locations that have extended hours, allowing you to collect your package at your convenience.

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Safety should always be a priority in a homeowner’s association. HOA boards can encourage members to take proper precautions by reporting any suspicious activity. If something or someone seems out of place, chances are that your first instinct is correct.

Homeowners can also be proactive by starting a neighborhood watch program in the homeowner’s association, installing security cameras (be sure to check the governing documents first to make sure cameras are allowed), and making sure there’s proper lighting in the association.

Generally, associations are not wholly responsible for security, but may be liable for failing to take timely and appropriate action to resolve general community safety issues that result in loss or damage to an HOA member. It’s a best practice to seek the guidance of an expert as well as consult your association’s governing documents.

The best thing both an HOA board and homeowners can do is be proactive and look out for each other. An HOA board’s job to protect the Association and keep it safe is bigger than it might seem. Safety and well-being should be a priority. You can replace property, but you can’t replace people’s lives.

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