Summertime Safety Tips for Pets in Your Homeowners Association

Mar 23, 2016 3:28:53 PM / by HOA Manager

dogs_in_kiddie_poolDoes your homeowner’s association allow pets? Many associations do and it goes without saying how much owners love their pets, so keeping them safe in the warmer months is most likely a top priority for those owners. See below for some friendly reminders to pass along to owners in your association - ways to help keep pets happy, healthy, and out of harm’s way…even on the warmest of days.

Beware of the sidewalk temperature

A dog's paws are extremely sensitive, so prolonged exposure to a hot sidewalk can be problematic. It’s best if your community members avoid walking dogs regularly in areas where the sidewalk gets the heat of the sun. Instead, go when it’s cooler outside, such as in the morning or evenings. Also keep an eye on pet toe pads for burning, severe dryness, cracking or bleeding.

Bring pets indoors

Just as in winter months when temperatures reach extreme lows, pets should be brought inside during extreme summertime highs, too. This applies for daytime and nighttime temperatures, so check local weather daily and limit a dog's outside time if the forecast is looking like a scorcher. And remember—if an owner is uncomfortable with the outside air temperature, chances are their pet will be too.

Keep them hydrated

When pets do go outside during the hot summer months, make sure they have shade to protect them from the hot sun rays and enough water kept in a place where it won’t get hot. Also consider getting a kiddie pool or installing a misting system to keep your pets cool. If you're unsure if your pet is overheating, a veterinarian should be contacted to provide guidance.

Keep your pet active and out of trouble

During summer months when it’s just too hot to go outside and play with your pup, setting aside some extra time during the day to play indoors or find alternative ways to make sure they have some exercise— such as taking them to a creek or common area within the HOA – will help.

An HOA board should remind residents in your homeowner’s association to pay attention to their pets and keep them engaged and happy. This ensures no bad behavior or noise complaints are caused by boredom, which in turn will lead to less time and energy that the Board will need to expend in managing owner complaints and violations of rules and regulations.

Help Your HOA Members Be Informed and Involved

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