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What is a Quorum and Why is it Important to an HOA Board?

April 5, 2017 / by HOA Manager

raised hands at a meetingA quorum is the minimum number of HOA board and members who must be at a meeting before business can be transacted. Homeowners can usually find quorum requirements within their Bylaws. You might be surprised but reaching a quorum to run a meeting is actually a common problem in many homeowners associations.

What Happens if There’s Not a Quorum?

Meetings that don’t have a quorum must be adjourned and rescheduled at a later date. This does cost the Association money and creates more work. In some cases, achieving a quorum at a second meeting can be even harder.

So, why bother to try again? Because the board is legally obligated to conduct meetings. It’s an important part of conducting association business. Budget Meetings determine owner assessments for the coming year. During an Annual Meeting, new board members are elected. In the case of an Annual Meeting, if an election cannot take place due to non-quorum, current directors will have to continue serving until an election can be conducted.

The Power of Proxy

The good news: Owners can be “at” a meeting and across the country at the same time by signing a proxy! That’s how you assign your vote, in writing, to another person. Proxies count toward the quorum, so they’re very important to all Associations.

Some HOA boards ask members to complete a proxy form, even if you plan to attend the meeting. That’s just in case something comes up that prevents you from attending. And, when you do attend the meeting, your proxy will be returned to you.

Because proxies are so important to achieving a quorum, you may find volunteer members knocking on your door, calling on the phone, or even stopping you in the common areas asking you to sign a proxy form. 

Associations may work very hard to achieve a quorum. Without it, an HOA board can’t do business, and eventually that affects everyone. So, do your best to support the community by making sure that you attend annual meetings or sign a proxy if you cannot make it.

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