The Importance of Democracy in Your Homeowners Association Community

February 25, 2020 / by HOA Manager

ballot-box-votingHomeowners within a homeowners association possess a right to participate in deciding what will be done about community issues that affect all residents. By casting their vote—either in person, or by proxy, or absentee ballot—they can help make important choices.

Right to Vote

Renovating the community center, replacing the street lamps, approving a special assessment, or increasing the regular assessment, are all examples of community issues. Most importantly, homeowners have the right to participate in electing new HOA board members.

The Association provides all homeowners with 30 days’ notice of the community’s annual meeting where voting on important matters usually takes place. If a homeowner is unable to attend such a meeting, they can still vote.

Check with the Board, Association Property Manager, or review the governing documents about how to cast an absentee ballot, vote electronically or provide a trusted neighbor with your proxy.

Voting by Proxy

Homeowners should give careful consideration to giving their proxy to another Association member.

A general proxy is an act of trust on the part of the giver. It allows the proxy holder, who isn’t legally bound to vote as the homeowner is, to vote as he or she deems appropriate.

However, a directed proxy allows the homeowner to control how the proxy holder votes. Consult the Board or Association Property Manager for details about proxy voting. And remember…all votes matter and count!

The HOA board election is an important component of voting in a homeowner’s association because members are selecting who will represent them and make decisions about the HOA community.

Members should make it a priority to vote in Board elections and when issues call for voting by the membership so the community is represented well and fairly.

Help Your HOA Members Be Informed and Involved

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