What’s the Clubhouse Access Policy for Your Homeowners Association?

February 27, 2020 / by HOA Manager

badge_ID graphicThe clubhouse/recreation center is the “crown jewel” of your homeowners association, offering a common area where members can get to know one another, socialize, and entertain their guests. In order to make the clubhouse safe and enjoyable for all who use it, you need a clear access policy—and that means homeowner’s must have their association ID to access the facility.

Who Uses the Facility and When?

First and foremost, you want to know who is using the facility. Collecting data on how and when it is used will help you do a better job of meeting needs and improving services. If you have daily, weekly, monthly and annual figures on the time of day the facility is used the most, you can budget and staff appropriately. You will also be able to check records if something, such as an injury report or damage claim, comes up days or weeks later.

In addition, the center—funded by your monthly assessments—is a privilege for homeowners association members in good standing, their renters and their guests. If you do not pay your assessments and share in the cost of operations and upkeep, you would not be able to use the facility. You also want to ensure that those who do not live in your community—unless they are a guest—are not contributing to the wear and tear of this valuable community asset.

Your priority is to make sure your members and guests are safe. With an access policy, you can minimize liability by requiring those who use the facility to sign waivers and verify that they are aware of all facility rules.

What if a Member Doesn't Have Their ID Card?

If someone forgets their ID that gives access to the center, usually there is an alternative sign-in sheet that allows entry. Although, remind the homeowner to bring their ID with them on their next visit. Verify eligibility, especially at the first of a new fiscal year. This policy applies to all members and guests equally. This is also a good time to provide members with a copy of the access policy and rules.

Come one and all and enjoy the clubhouse/recreation center in your homeowners association, but remember your ID card!

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