Ways to Thank a Volunteer in Your Homeowners Association

Jun 6, 2019 8:54:00 AM / by HOA Manager

volunteers holding thank you signDoing good may be its own reward, but most homeowners association volunteers would probably agree that it’s also nice to be recognized for the time, effort, and commitment they put into serving others, particularly in what can sometimes seem to be thankless roles. Members of homeowners associations devote their energy and enthusiasm into making their communities the very best they can be by serving on the HOA board, a committee, or neighborhood projects.

Did you know volunteers actually help keep assessments down? Every hour of volunteer work is an hour of salary the Association does not have to pay a service provider.

How to help volunteer in your Association

  • Plan social activities for the community, such as a barbecue or holiday party, to build community relationships.
  • Start a neighborhood watch program to help keep your community safe.
  • Start a cleanup crew to walk the neighborhood and pick up any trash.
  • Hand deliver Association newsletters to offer a personal touch, instead of sending them electronically or mailing them and paying for postage.
  • Serve on a committee that you’re personally passionate about, such as the safety committee or welcome committee.
  • If you notice a large project is underway in your community, it usually means volunteers are needed! Contact your HOA manager or the HOA Board of Directors to offer even a few hours of your time to help distribute flyer notifications to owners or organize community awareness.

Ways to show your neighbors you appreciate their hard work

  • Keep an eye open for those featured in HOA newsletters. When you see them, introduce yourself and say Thanks!
  • Send an e-mail or a thank you card to a volunteer explaining that he or she is valued for stepping up.
  • If you notice someone doing something exceptional, ask the Board to recognize them at the annual meeting.

As a volunteer, you’re endeavoring to protect, enhance and maintain the assets of the Association. The collective value of communities is often much more than people/owners may even contemplate. It truly is a joy to know and work with people for a common purpose.   

Your neighbors invest their time in projects that benefit everyone. No Association can thrive without them, so let them know you appreciate their efforts. If you have an idea for recognizing volunteers, contact an HOA board member and share!

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