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What is an Official Meeting: In 200 Words or Less

February 19, 2021 / by HOA Manager

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Board meetings, executive sessions, and membership meetings are the most common in an HOA. They require a quorum to be present to qualify as an official meeting. The governing documents for each association define a quorum, typically in the Bylaws.

  1. Board meetings – the quorum is a majority of the Board. If you have a 5-member Board, 3 Board members or more is a quorum. For a 3-member Board, at least 2 would need to be present to reach a quorum.
  1. Executive Session meetings – the quorum is the same as for Board meetings.
  1. Membership meetings – the quorum fluctuates and usually falls between 5% and 50%.

Residents of the HOA that aren't owners typically are not allowed to be at any of the above meetings. 

Residents that are homeowners may attend meetings as outlined below:

  1. Owners/members can attend Board meetings as observers and get an opportunity to address the Board briefly at a specific point in the meeting. 
  1. Executive Sessions are private meetings of only the Board and anyone it chooses to invite.
  1. Membership Meetings are open to all owners and they may participate during the entire meeting (example: an annual meeting of the members).

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