How Your HOA Board Can Make the Annual Meeting Worth Attending

September 10, 2019 / by HOA Manager

welcome annual meeting written on chalkboardDoes your HOA board dread the annual meeting because it’s boring, no one shows up, and it seems completely and utterly pointless? If so, your Board is not alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, the annual meeting in your homeowners association can actually be – dare we suggest – fun?! While the business of the annual meeting may seem pragmatic and uninspiring at best, it is important to discuss – or at least give the opportunity to discuss – the issues, budget, and current status of the Association. If you can get members there and interested in getting involved, even better. Here are some ideas below of how to do just that.

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Annual HOA Meeting Celebration

Holding successful homeowner association meetings takes thought, creativity, advance planning and funding. Too many HOAs scramble to cobble together this important event and, guess what? Few show up and the numbers fall short of the quorum requirements. This doesn't need to happen. Just think what you can accomplish at this important event:

Celebrate Your Success. The annual meeting should be a chance to celebrate successes, hand out recognitions, join members in a common cause and become better acquainted with each other. Use this venue to launch new initiatives or announce good news like awards.

Invest in Success. If your annual meeting budget is bare bones, only those with a bone to pick show up. Since the event only happens once a year, splurge a bit. To pull this off properly, some money should be invested. If you don't have a clubhouse large enough to accommodate all the members, obtain the best and closest alternative. Local libraries, churches and community centers often have large meeting rooms that are reasonably priced or free. And if the budget permits, reserve a room at a banquet facility.

Cast Your Bread Upon the Water. While the business of the meeting might be a bit dry, the wrappings do not need to be. Offer food, beverages, door prizes, comfortable seating and a good sound system if it's a large room. If the budget is modest, host a potluck and award prizes for the best entree, salad and dessert.

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The annual meeting gives an important opportunity to foster community relationships and receive input from members. Along with communicating about the previous year and what’s ahead in the coming year, the annual meeting is a great time to hold elections for HOA board members.

You may be thinking that all the ideas above sound great in theory, but in reality preparations for the annual HOA board meeting can be time consuming. There’s the agenda to prepare, notifications that need to be sent, and ballots and candidate statements that need to be organized if there will be elections. Not to mention, adding incentives and simply getting people to attend.

This is where an HOA manager can help. Their job is to be aware of what’s going on around the community, field questions from members prior to and after the meeting, help coordinate the logistics and planning of the annual meeting, and support the HOA board members throughout the process.

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