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Fireplace Maintenance Tips for HOA Members

September 15, 2015 / by HOA Manager

Do the homes in your homeowners association have fireplaces? One of winter’s great pleasures is relaxing in front of a warm, cozy fire. For most months of the year the fireplace stands idle, and these long periods of disuse can lead to hazardous conditions when members light their first fire of the season. 

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Chimney Safety Tips for Homeowners Association Residents

March 16, 2015 / by HOA Manager

There is nothing as serene as a warm, crackling fire on a cold, winter night. There is also nothing more dangerous if your chimney is damaged. When is the last time that you have checked on your chimney safety in the homeowners association?

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Special Assessments in a Homeowners Association: A Necessary Evil

November 19, 2014 / by HOA Manager

There is no way to sugar-coat a special assessment. Receiving a notice that you owe more money to your homeowners association can not only put a damper on your day but also a dent in your wallet, both of which the board is sympathetic to. In a perfect world, there would never be a need for special assessments—or any other type of assessments for that matter—but sadly; they are sometimes a necessary evil.

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Why a Maintenance Schedule is Important in a Homeowners Association

August 20, 2014 / by HOA Manager

One of the benefits of living in a homeowners association is enjoying access to common areas such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, lawn area or exercise room. When a resident sees something that needs repair they are encouraged to submit a maintenance request to inform the HOA board and manager of the issue.

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Tips to Enjoy a Bug-Free Summer in Your Homeowners Association

June 17, 2013 / by HOA Manager

Summer is a great time to put a few easy best practices in place to keep bothersome bugs from ruining outdoor fun, and encourage your homeowner’s association residents to do the same.

Before enjoying barbecue parties and sleeping under the stars, many people spray themselves and their lawns with chemical repellents to get rid of these pests, but there are natural alternatives that are environmentally friendly to the homes and common areas in your association.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy a bug-free summer.

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Help Your Homeowners Association Residents Get Their Garden Ready for Spring

March 18, 2013 / by HOA Manager

March and April herald the beginning of spring and it's time for gardeners to get busy planting. As flowering shrubs begin to bud, encourage your homeowners association residents to get their yards and gardens ready for spring by providing them with the tips below.

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5 Tips for Keeping Homeowners Association Residents Safe and Warm

March 11, 2013 / by HOA Manager

Have you communicated with your homeowners association members about the precautions they need to take when it comes to heating their homes?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), December, January and February are considered the deadliest months for home fires in the calendar year. 

Heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires and home fire deaths. That’s why it’s important for you as a Board member to encourage your residents to take extra precautions during the winter. Below are some tips that you can provide to members and why they're important.

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